1. How can I customize my MOC parts?

    • Answer: You can send us your parts list, and we will respond within 24 hours with the price and a list of unavailable parts. If you are satisfied, you can proceed with the order. If not, you can simply ignore our quote.
  2. How long does it take for an order to be shipped?

    • Answer: Currently, Gobricks' shipping speed is between 8-13 days. After receiving the Gobricks package, we will repack and dispatch your order, usually within 15 days.
  3. What if there are unavailable parts from Gobricks?

    • Answer: We will provide you with a list of unavailable parts. If you accept third-party parts, we will help you find these rare parts in the market and provide a quote. Alternatively, you can purchase them yourself on BrickLink.
  4. Are there any customs issues?

    • Answer: We don't have any customs problems. We prepay the VAT.
  5. Where do you ship from? How long does the shipment take?

    • Answer: We ship from China. Shipping times are approximately:
      • 8-14 days to Germany, UK
      • 10-15 days to other European countries, Australia
      • 10-20 days to the US and Canada Your order will start shipping within 1-4 business days after full payment is received (loose parts and MOC sets may take longer). The general package is without the original box, but we guarantee good quality and nice packing for our products.